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Brake Shoes and Disc Pads

CommPar specializes in braking components.  Our aim is to provide you with the right brake shoe or Disc Pad for the job.  Our knowledgeable professionals are trained to guide you toward the most cost effective solution for your braking needs.  We proudly offer CoMan Brake Shoes from Global Parts Network.  The CoMan re-manufacturing system is the highest quality process in the business.  With the best shoe core in the business, we offer a high quality and reliable relined product.  We then help you chose the right friction for your job with the goal of offering you the most cost effective solution for your vehicle(s).  


  • For hydraulic applications we offer high quality disc pads from the top manufacturers in the industry. 
  • If you are looking for utility trailer applications we stock these components from Dexter Axle and Redneck Trailer Supplies.
Measurements & Manuals: