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Are you tired of feeling every bump in the road? Does your truck lean to one side? CommPar can help! We not only offer Heavy and Medium Duty suspension components from Triangle/Flagg, Dayton, Automann and Euclid. We also offer a knowledgeable and experienced staff. Suspensions are our forte’. Leaf springs and Grade 8 u-bolts, bushings, hangers, equalizers, torque arms and the hardware to install it. For your Air-Ride suspension, we stock Firestone and Goodyear air bags. We also offer Hellwig Sway bars to improve handling.



Looking to get a little bit more from your pickup? We offer many options to improve ride and performance and make it possible to keep your vehicle on the road longer. We offer Suspension Enhancement Systems from Timbren. New or beefed-up leaf springs and the Grade 8 u-bolts used to install them. Shackle kits. We also offer Bilstein and Monroe shock absorbers.


Leaf Springs

We carry the largest inventory of Leaf Springs in Northern Indiana. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our offering, including light, medium and heavy duty truck springs. Our springs are manufactured by two great American spring manufacturers; Triangle Spring and Stanley Springs. Nearly all of our springs are made in the USA and the are designed and manufactured to meet or beat original equipment standards for quality and durability.


Air Springs

We partner with the company that inventory the Air Spring. Firestone Air Springs are made in the USA. Simply put, Firestone Air Springs are High Quality, Durable and Designed for your Suspension System. They outperform and outlast the imports. In the long run, they offer the greatest value for the dollar.


Suspension Components

If you're going to change the spring, you need to make sure to change the necessary worn components of the suspension system. We handle a full line of components from the best manufacturers in the business. With suppliers like Dayton Parts, Euclid, Flagg and Automann, if you broke it, we can help you fix it.


Shock Absorbers

Shocks are a significant but often overlooked component of your suspension system. We offer two types of shock absorbers. We offer the standard twin tube replacement shock absorber from manufactures like Gabriel, Meritor and Monroe. These are high quality products which match the original specifications for your vehicle.

We also offer the Bilstein line of shocks. This is the highest-performing production shock in the world. These shocks utilize mono-tube technology which is the best in the world of shock absorbers. They’re more expensive but darn well worth the extra up-front cost.


Sway Bars

Anti-Sway Bars from Hellwig Products add stability to your light and medium duty vehicles. Combined with a set of Bilstein Shock Absorbers, you will get the best all-around performance from your light or medium duty vehicle.


Suspension Overload Kits

As suspension specialists, it is our mission to help you solve your load problems. We offer Hellwig leaf spring overload kits, Timbren Rubber Spring overload kits and Firestone Ride Rite Air Spring overload kits. Ask one of your specialists to help you chose the right product for your job. All three technologies are good. The question is which is right for you.



For your Heavy Duty trailer suspension, we offer Leaf Springs and Air Springs. We have everything you need from entire suspensions to the individual components that make your system work.



For your Light Duty and Utility trailer suspension, we offer a full line Leaf Springs and suspension components. We have everything you need from entire suspensions to the individual components that make your system work.


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